The CrossFit Open: Do Your Failures Fuel You?

The CrossFit Open: Do Your Failures Fuel You?

The CrossFit Open: Do Your Failures Fuel You?

The 2019 CrossFit Open V1 (since we will have another one come October) has officially come to an end.  And although this year was quite different, we still saw thousands of CrossFitters battle their way through the past 5 weeks with struggles, successes, and all of the in between.

I didn’t mean for this title of the blog to be harsh, but I ‘grew up’ in CrossFit during a different time.  I grew up in the days when there was no ‘scaled’, and when they programmed muscle ups, you either got one, or you sat there and stared at the rings for the remainder of the time-cap.  And after that workout, if you were the individual staring at the rings for 11 of the 13 minute time cap failing over and over in front of everyone, you either:

1. Quit CrossFit.

2. Figured out how to get a ***king muscle up some way, somehow in the next year. 

So the question is…do your failures fuel you?  As unfortunate as being ‘embarrassed’ or ‘frustrated’ by a situation may be, I often see some of the biggest successes come from clients who have failed hard or hit a ‘rock bottom’.  Those emotions have a different kind of fire that they light within us.  A different level of motivation and fight. 

So if you are feeling that ‘fight’ after the Open, what do you plan to do about it? 

Did you get stuck at the squat cleans in 19.2 because the bar just felt too heavy?  Then maybe a strength program should be your next step.

Or were the 95/65# power snatches a breeze in 19.4, but the bar muscle ups felt like you were wearing a weight vest??  Perhaps a gymnastics program and body-weight focus is what you need. 

Either way, whatever your focus, nutrition should be paired properly.  We can train all we want to improve our weaknesses, but if we are not supporting that training with proper intake, our efforts may become futile.

Strength Development –

Eating to gain muscle is no walk in the park.  Many people think it’s great to be able to eat more, until you are that person in that situation.  You must be at a caloric surplus and eating at a level of intake given the mass you are hoping to gain.  It is not as simple as ‘eat more’.  To gain minimal body fat (because yes, you will likely gain some body fat), and to see maximal strength gains, the intake levels need to be specifically calculated to your training volume and your goals. 

Gymnastics/Endurance Improvement –

To become more efficient in either overall endurance and/or body-weight movements, it typically serves the athlete to be lean, but not weak.  Yes, being lighter typically helps with moving your body through space, but that ‘light body’ ain’t gonna fly so well if you don’t have the strength to move it.

So how do you eat to decrease additional body fat, but not lose strength?  You must fuel your activity levels, but not too much to where you are supporting additional body-fat.  Again, this is a calculated and specific approach that must be taken with your nutrition according to your training volume and current body-composition. 

So as you are planning out your next year worth of training to attack your weaknesses, make sure that your ‘game plan’ includes more than just your workouts. 

Stop ignoring the one area that can impact your results more than anything: Nutrition (okay…and sleep.). 

If you feel like you are unsure of how to pair your nutrition with your goals, contact us! Having a one on one coach makes all the difference – just click HERE to find out more!

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