Corian Yandel

Corian Yandel

Corian Yandel


Coach Corian Yandel is one of the Co-Owners of Harbor Park CrossFit and is the gym’s Head of Client Relations, and has been a committed CrossFitter for three years. She specializes in nutrition and weightlifting, and is passionate about “helping others learn about nutrition and fueling their bodies properly for their desired goals. She also love helping others find their fitness. Watching people discover their strength is the best part of her day.”
A former obstacle course runner who played softball and baseball in her school years, Corian credits CrossFit with saving her life when she started. “I fell in love with the community and the passion that surrounds CrossFitters,” she says. “I loved going in every day and being a part of something that could help so many people be happier and healthier.”

Corian has a passion for helping people find better nutritional habits as she claims that this is an area she also used to struggle with until she learned to treat food as fuel, instead of eating just to eat. Corian recently completed her Precision Nutrition Certified Coach Level 1 certificate and has been using her training to help clients with a better understanding of food and nutrition. A traveler who enjoys hiking, backpacking, camping and anything outdoors, Corian and husband Dave have two fur babies; a rescue pit/pug mix & a french bulldog.

Her favorite inspirational saying:
“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

● CrossFit Level 2
● Pn1
● USAW Weightlifting Level 2 Sports Performance

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