Gym Challenges and Partnerships

Gym Challenges and Partnerships

Gym Challenges and Partnerships

Are you a Gym-Owner?
Would you like to help your clients get better results through nutrition, but you just don’t have the time, money, or resources?

Well we have a solution that will help you do less work, make more money, and make your clients happier!

It all starts with one AWESOME 5-Week Nutrition Challenge for your members to get them excited, but don’t worry! Lifestyle Nutrition does all of the work!
● Done-for-you Social Media Build Up – Once we decide on a date for the seminar, we provide 5 weeks of social media build up to the gym to post and get members interested/signed-up.
● Nutrition Seminar – We will come perform a seminar 1 week prior to the challenge starting to explain high-level nutritional information + details of the challenge. This will also air on the gym’s FB Page.
● Challenge – The challenge is a 5-week nutrition challenge and each participant will have their own nutrition/accountability coach. The group that partakes in the challenge will also have access to a private Facebook group and will receive weekly educational emails to help support them through the challenge.
Then the challenge turns into year-around nutrition support for your gym and members!
Post-Challenge, we provide a package to the gym that includes:
● Foundations/New Member Nutritional Packet – We will provide content to give to your new members including an approved foods list, a basic sample meal plan and grocery list, as well as a portion control guide.
● 1 year of nutritional social media posts – 52 post to publish weekly to your gym’s IG/FB/website including recipes, blogs, infographics, etc.
● Quarterly FB Live/Webinars – We will host quarterly FB lives regarding nutrition topics relevant to your gym’s interests.
● Continued Nutritional Coaching for the Gym – We continue to provide 1-on-1 coaching support to any gym member that is interested or in need. The gym receives a tiered kick-back of client’s memberships paid to Lifestyle Nutrition at the end of each month.

If you can’t tell from above, there are some amazing benefits for both the gym and it’s members through this partnership!


● Improved Retention – As a gym owner, we know how important it is to keep our members happy and what better way than to show them results. It is no mystery that results stem from not just workouts, but nutritional efforts as well. Providing your clients with proper nutritional guidance is essential to keeping members.
● Nutritional Marketing/Social Media – We provide all marketing and social media materials you need to promote the Lifestyle Nutrition Challenges, coaching, and post-challenge to sustain interest in nutrition throughout the year.
● Zero Effort from the Gym Owner and Coaches – The owner does not need to do anything regarding the challenges or the one on one coaching other than press “post” on Instagram and Facebook and refer their clients to Lifestyle Nutrition.
● An Additional Revenue Stream – Nutrition will provide another revenue stream for the gym via kickbacks from the challenge and from continuing one-on-one coaching the members participate in. The more clients you refer, the more money you receive.
● Promotion for Supplements – We are more than happy to help promote your supplement products to help grow sales in that avenue for your gym/business as well.
● Results – We assist in professional nutritional coaching or guidance which makes happier clients.
● Improved Energy/Efforts – Proper nutrition brings more results to clients and better energy for workouts.
● Better Class Attendance – Consistency in nutrition has shown to also improve consistency in attendance of classes/workouts.
● Hi-Tech Body-Fat Testing – Everyone loves to know their numbers, and with the InBody Body-Fat Scan we provide, it gives clients great data to work off of.

I cannot sing the praises enough about the outcomes of and R.O.I. of doing challenges with Lifestyle Nutrition.
First, to kick off everything, there was a full seminar to go over nutrition principles. It was free to all members as well. It was great to see members engaged and learning how to improve.

There are 3 main outcomes that I really liked about having LSN do a challenge at OCF.

1. Client Impact – I can’t remember the last time we had such a big part of our population focused on nutrition, making changes both aesthetically and performance wise collectively. Clients lost weight, body fat, and gained muscle. Can’t get any better than that. Happy Clients = Happy OCF
2. Hands off – Becca and her team did EVERYTHING!! Social Media, Facebook Invites, managed payments, weigh ins, check ins, and many other things. I understand the importance of Nutrition coaching, but I do not have the bandwidth to have something at OCF without an outside resource.
3. Financially – To do no work and receive compensation from Lifestyle Nutrition is just perfect. The extra revenue allows me to do the little things like giving back to members and hosting events, buying equipment, and facility upgrades. But that’s not the only financial benefit. I can honestly say that every single member that participated in our last challenge is still at OCF today (April 2018, over 4 months). What we will add in Lifetime Value of our clients is the real gold here.

Becca Chilzenkowski and Lifestyle Nutrition, know the challenges of being a gym owner. They have went out of their way to eliminate things that I don’t have the time and desire to do, but really make a difference for our clients. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership!

-Angelo Sisco, O’Hare CrossFit