Football Survival Guide

Football Survival Guide

Fall is here…even though it’s currently 91 degrees in Chicago… it is officially football
season! Some people, enjoy camping or day trips to go apple picking but for many, it
means one thing: football .

And whether your team wins or loses, the den parties with your buddies, sports bars
with their drink specials, and parking lot tailgates before games are there to support

Unfortunately, what starts out as a cheat-day indulgence quickly becomes a
slippery slope. Don’t let ‘Sunday Funday’ derail you completely and trickle into your
week…if you know that you’re going to spend Sundays in front of the TV or attending
parties, strategize your meal prep and be smart about your choices so you don’t wind
up completely off the bandwagon week over week. Between the NFL and college
seasons, you’re looking at five months of football with up to six days per week of

But get this—you CAN party hard without totally derailing. Behold, our guide to surviving
the football season, from tips to mitigate the damage of crappy food and alcohol to
recipes that help you eat cleaner and leaner (without sacrificing flavor and fun).


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