6 Food Tracking Mistakes

6 Food Tracking Mistakes

6 Food Tracking Mistakes

Are you tracking food and struggling to see progress? Here are some common tracking mistakes that may seem simple, yet they can be throw off your true intake numbers and be the cause of slow progress. 

Weighing and measuring your food takes some time to get used too… there is certainly a learning curve so this is intended to help you become a food tracking pro, not to highlight flaws! The more you know, the better you can do! 

Mistake #1 (most common) – You aren’t specific enough!

Details matter! Don’t pick generic entries for something like a Turkey Burger, do your best to breakdown your food into individual ingredients. So log the brioche bun, 6 oz. of ground turkey, 2 oz. of swiss cheese etc. etc.
Although this might be a bit tedious the first-time round, if it’s a meal you eat out frequently at your favorite brunch spot, you can create a short-cut for it by creating a meal in the app!

Mistake #2 You don’t track sauces or beverages (or bites!)

Did you know that 2 tbsp of BBQ sauce has 60 cals, 12g sugar and 15g carbs???… the likelihood of ONLY using 2 tbsp is pretty unlikely so make sure you take time to measure and track these sauces… condiments add up REALLL quick!
You may just think it was just a bite.. or two… but bites of add up too especially if its not so nutrient dense like EMOJIS.
If it goes in your mouth, it goes in your tracker 🙂 

Mistake #3 – You track the lowest calorie food.

I know it’s tempting to always pick the donut with the least amount of calories, but if you’re consistently doing this then you’re just cheating yourself out of making any progress.
An example one of my favorite indulgences, the jumbo cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting from Whole Foods. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from the corner of my lips…
On one occasion when I gave into my weakness, I searched the MFP database and found they ranged from 210 calories all the way up to 960! YIKES! That’s one solid cinnamon roll. I decided to go with the one in the middle, even though I should have known better – it is a MONSTER!
Anyway, after consuming the entire thing, I quickly realized that there was NO WAY this bad boy only came to 350 calories. So instead of lying to myself I regretfully switched my entry to the 960 calorie option and tried not to have a heart attack as I realized I had eaten all of my carbs for the day (about 180g) in one sitting! Luckily it was still morning so I hadn’t eaten anything else and was able to take appropriate action for the rest of the day – ie. eat only chicken and egg whites! #WORTHIT

Mistake #4 – You don’t plan and track beforehand… This is a big mistake!

Tracking on the fly or after the fact is not as accurate since you have already consumed the food and idk about you, but I often struggle to remember if I brushed my hair somedays so the chance of me accurately remembering all the different measurements for each item of food I’ve eaten throughout the day is minimal!
Plus, if you realize the food was wayyy higher in carbs than you anticipated, taking up 3/4 of your daily intake, and leaving you with 20g fat, 10g protein and 3g carb for dinner… whatcha gonna do with that?? 
Tip: Plan your food out the night before, or better yet, add your meals in when you meal prep so you can build around those meals! 

Mistake #5 – You track calories and not macros.

Let’s say I want to log sushi. I see an entry for 125 calories for 3 pieces which seems legit, but when I click on it I can see that there’s no macronutrient information. Make sure you check on the macronutrient information! You want to know where the 125 calories come from!

Mistake #6 – You track your exercise.

Your macro intake is set to the overall intake you should have based upon your activity level, body composition information given to your coach and other lifestyle factors you have provided SO you should not track your exercise as it will throw off your intake numbers automatically and tell you to eat more. You do not want the app to be adjusting your macros for you .Changes to your macros should be done with the help of a coach and should be based on consistent data.

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