What is Lifestyle Nutrition?

Lifestyle Nutrition is simply that, nutritional guidance and an approach to fit any lifestyle you may experience. Diets are not a ‘one-size fits all’, they cannot be a one-size fits all because every individual is different. We have different needs, different genetic makeups, and different struggles.



One of our amazing coaches works with you, meeting you where you are in your journey, to develop the best fitted plan to your lifestyle and needs to assist in reaching your goals



We know communication is key. Each week on the program, you have personal contact with your coach to help keep you accountable, supported, and progressing forward



We work each week with our clients to educate, support, and assist you until your ultimate goals are reached

Ok, I’m In! What’s Next?

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Ready to Go?

Everyone starts in the platinum program

  • On-Boarding Phone Call with YOUR coach
  • Monthly Check-in Phone Calls
  • Weekly Email Check Ins to stay on task with your goals
  • Additional unlimited support and access via text/email with your coach outside of your weekly check ins
  • 24-hour response time to all emails (with the exception of weekends and holidays)

  • Weekly Email Check In with your coach to stay on task with your goals
  • 1 weekly text check in from your coach in addition to your email check in

  • 1 weekly text check in from your coach
  • Bi-Weekly (every two weeks) email check ins to stay on task with your progress and goals

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